Art Glass Sculpture & Blown Glass

Nothing Short
 of Magical

Glass Artists B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

Baptismal Bowls & Fonts

Vibrant Cast Glass
· Gorgeous Woods ·

Celebrating the Glory of God and the Special Events in the Life of the Church and its Congregation

Creative Awards

Premium Cast & Blown Glass Awards

Specifically Designed & Crafted for Your Outstanding People

Crystal's Kitty & Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Urns, Ash Infused Paperweights
& Fur Vessels
To Remember Your Friend With Fur

HeartGlass Paperweights

Blown Glass Valentines

To Last
A Lifetime

Solar System Ornaments

Solar System Collection

Art Glass Wine Stoppers


Imaginative Bottle & Wine Stoppers for the Connoisseur

Cupcakes & Confections

Tasty, Sparkly Goodies

Blown Glass Confections & Indulgences

Floating Bud Vases


Floating Blown Glass Bud Vases
Let Your Flowers Soar!

Steampunk Rockets

The Way Space Travel
Should Have Been

Goin' to the Moon ain't what it used to be.


Losture Marbles

Art Glass Paperweights

Art Glass Jewelry


& ImaGems

Distinctive Art Glass Pendant Necklaces, Brooches & Pins



Art Glass Luminaires
with a Hidden Universe

Table Sculptures

The Convection Series

The Motion of Hot and Cold

Personalized To Order

Custom Sculpture
Have and idea for something special?
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We love unique and challenging ideas.
Custom Glass Etching
We'll carefully etch your logo, artwork or an inscritption onto any of our creations.
Small Runs to Large for Gifts & Awards.
Call Joy: 585 · 209 · 8890

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