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Goin' to the Moon ain't what it used to be. Time was, that rockets had curved fins, pointy noses and portholes. Rivets, big bolts, valves, levers and gauges everywhere. There was a ladder or elevator so you could get to the planet surface once you landed the entire ship, tail-first, on the ground. (Now, of course, SpaceX reliably does it that way. Go figure.)


BJ at the Gaffer's Bench

Well, we're out to change all that's gone on. It's high time that things got set right—darnitall!

Handcrafted in our Hot Glass Studio. these wonderful little blown glass rockets are just the thing to brighten your day and kickstart your imagination. We use only the finest crystal, hand pick colors that sparkle in the light, shape and infuse them into your unique rocket sculpture. There'll never be another exactly like it ...anywhere.

Steampunk Ornament
There's Nothing   
Quite Like Glass