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Glorious Sacramental Vessels Like No Other

Aqua Blue Splash Bowl

Celebrating the most sacred times in the lives of churches, families and congregations—the sacraments of Christening, Baptism and Holy Communion—two accomplished American glass artists, Joy Alyssa Day and BJ Johnson, created a series of baptismal basins exhibiting vibrant life, beauty and lasting grace. And you can have one.

"It is an honor for us to exercise our God given talents in creating these baptismal vessels for the Church. As it is with all of God's creations, each is unique unto itself, has its own story and its own song to sing."

Our Creative Process In Glass

Our specialty in creative glass art has brought forth a unique method that we now share with congregations the world over. Each bowl is individually crafted by hand in our Hot Shop; allowing the personality that can only be born in a handmade work of art to emerge and shine through. The designs and colors that you see are done in glass, with glass; using various glass types, shapes, sizes and processes to realize glorious effectsYellow Sun Splash Basin unachievable by any other means.

Each bowl requires four to six separate firings, requiring one or more days for each; allowing it to cool properly for many hours in between each firing, so that it will not crack. And then we move on to the next step.

Once the firings are complete, another day or more is required to finish the glass through cold-working; using water cooled diamond wheels and various polishing compounds in order to remove any sharp edges and bring the surface to a high polish.

"The result is a truly unique work of art; freely giving life, grace and beauty to your surroundings and the celebrations that take place within and among them.

These hand-cast fine art glass pieces are meant to be used for a lifetime and passed down for generations. They are substantial; having wall thicknesses between 3/8" and 1/2", diameters between 17" and 20", depths between 4.5" and 5.5" and weighing 13 to 16 pounds on average. Their beauty celebrates the Glory of God and the special events in the life of your church.

Earth Splash Baptismal Basin, United By Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church


We invite you to take a moment to read letters that we have received and view a few of our creations in their new loving homes.

Earth Splash Basin, Trintiy United Methodist ChurchFish Scales Splash Basin, Trintiy United Methodist Church

Custom Hand-Cast Art Glass Baptism Basins

  Each Image Has A Companion Enlargement
White Clouds Basin
White Clouds
Baptismal Basin
18" across, 5.75" deep

Arctic Ice Basin
Arctic Ice
Baptismal Basin
19" across, 4" deep

Blue Skies Splash Basin
Blue Skies Splash
Baptismal Basin
18" across, 5" deep

Aqua Blue Splash Basin
Aqua Blue Splash
Baptismal Basin
19" across, 5.5" deep

Translucent Water Splash Basin
Translucent Water Splash
Baptismal Basin
18" across, 5.5" deep

Yellow Sunburst Splash Basin
Yellow Sunburst Splash
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5" deep

The Earth Basin
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5" deep
Art from the Soul has a wonderful matching stole and banner. Wording changes on the banner and/or stole can be made at no charge.

The Earth Splash Basin
Earth Splash
Baptismal Basin
20" across, 5.75" deep

The Sun Basin
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5" deep

The Seafoam Basin
Baptismal Basin
17.75" across, 5.5" deep
Having the look of fine Italian marble, this basin is perfect for a classical sanctuary.

The Lily Pond Splash Basin
Lily Pond Splash
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5.5" deep

The Fish Scales Splash Basin
Fish Scales Splash
Baptismal Basin
15" across, 3" deep

Basin Finishes

The inside surface is semi-gloss to high gloss, depending upon the glasses incorporated and the methods employed to make the basin. The outer surface is a rustic finish; soft to the touch, with subtle relief textures that only comes from a hand-made piece. Uniform bowl edges are high gloss, while the undulating or fluted edges exhibit the same texture as that of the inside surface. All edges are ground and polished smooth.

The bottom may be left hemispherical, ground flat or three small domed feet can be added to stabilize it when resting on a table or cabinet. In the case of a font similar to those available below, having a bevelled circular cutout in which to rest the basin, it is recommended to leave the bottom hemispherical.

Custom Glass

We know that all sanctuaries and the people who worship there are unique. Architecture, interior treatments, surfaces and materials, space considerations, lighting and personal taste all enter into choosing a basin for your congregation. There are as many variations possible in glass and the selections shown here are only a small portion.

BJ at the Gaffer's Bench

In essence, all of our glass is custom made. The only difference between a basin made to order and those displayed is that they were made without our knowing at the time who will love them one day. If you have preferred colors or a size that doesn't happen to be shown, please contact us or call 585-209-8890 and we will do our best to work with you to bring your dream into reality and make your baptism celebrations truly special—as they should be.

Custom Engraving

Enhance your basin with a commemoration or scripture verse relief etched into the glass surface.

Etching Sample
Baptismal Basin engraving: $175.
Keepsake Bowl and Communion Plate engraving: $38
Enter your desired text into the Special Instructions box in the cart.

Handcrafted Fruitwood and Hardwood Fonts

Hand selected woods are lovingly crafted to complement your basin and architecture. The solid wood construction and wide stance provides stability; advantageous if they are to be placed in the Narthex or other high traffic area.

The Eight Spindle Font
Eight Spindle
Baptismal Font
31" tall, 16" base dia.
(Seen here with a Yellow Sunburst Splash Basin)
Cherry and Red Oak support the glass basin with eight elegant, graceful turnings; creating an open design. An optional shelf (shown here) can be fitted within the spindle tops to accommodate an LED light to illuminate the basin through an opening in the top, into which the basin nestles.

The Eight Panel Font
Eight Panel
Baptismal Font
31" tall, 16" base dia.
(Seen here with an Earth Basin)
White Oak or Red Oak supports the glass basin in a traditional eight panelled design. An optional internal shelf can be fitted to accommodate an LED light to illuminate the basin through an opening in the top, into which the basin nestles.

The Art Nouveau Font
Art Nouveau
Baptismal Font
32.75" tall, 30" to basin support, 19.6" base dia.
(Seen here with an Aqua Blue Splash Basin)
The graceful flowing curves of White Oak, Red Oak, Ash or Maple legs with Cherry or Maple accents support the glass basin; creating a design in keeping with more contemporary architecture. The inverted bowl mirroring the basin shape incorporates an opening at the center to accommodate an LED light supported by an optional shelf to softly illuminate the basin.

Custom Finishes

If preferred, in each of the designs we can endeavor to match existing woods in the Chancel. Just send us representative samples and we'll do our best to replicate the finish, so that your font integrates well with its surroundings, as if it's been there all along.

Custom Finish: $150.

Keepsake Bowls To Match Any Of Our Glass Designs

The Rose Nebula Keepsake Communion Bowl
Rose Nebula (shown)
4.5"–5.5" dia., 1.5" deep

Fused Glass Communion Plates

The Rose Nebula Communion Plate
Rose Nebula
Communion Plate
11.5" diameter
Brilliant irridesence forms a striking background for the swirling Rose Nebula.

The Red Contemporary Communion Plate
Red Contemporary
Communion Plate
6" x 6"

The Red Contemporary - Two Section
Red Contemporary
Two Section
Communion Plate
9.5" x 5"

The Waves of Joy Communion Plate
Waves of Joy
Communion Plate
12" x 12"
Flowing white glass waves hovering over brilliant background irridesence.

The Red Starburst Communion Plate
Red Starburst
Communion Plate
6" x 6"
The colors of this plate and the spurious bubbles are in The Craftsman Style.

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