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Frequently, we receive letters from our patrons once they have received the beautiful cast glass baptimal basin that we created for them. Congregations who don't purchase one of our fonts that hold our glass and let its glory shine through into their place of worship, often join in the creative process; continuing it by designing and constructing cradling pedestals of their own to complement our creation. It warms our hearts more than we can say to see our creations in such wonderful loving homes. Their appreciation is also an asuring confirmation that we are doing what we are meant to do.

Thank you, all, for sharing with us. With their kind permission, we now share with the world what they have accomplished.

Wheeeee it's here! It's magnificent! The packaging was amazing — everything was in perfect shape — the air pillows worked great. I want to send you a picture but don't want anyone here at the church to see it yet until we unveil it in two weeks. Can I send it to your cell phone and then you can post it on your web site? I know it is probably hard to let loose of a piece of work — as it is something you have created and birthed into being — but know that it will have a beautiful and safe home here in Iowa.

Laura Renault, Pastor

United By Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
Evergreen Park, Illinois

Dear Joy,

I just wanted to let you know that your bowl has found its home. Some of the men from our congregation took the old baptismal font base and fit it to accept the new basin. The stand held a large brass bowl which had become scratched over the years. Because the new bowl was a smaller diameter we decide to have a local stone yard cut a piece of ebony granite to cover the larger hole and then cut out a 14" center circle which cradles the new basin. In order to further accent the new basin, we placed 6 battery operated LED puck lights inside of the font base so that the bowl is illuminated from the bottom up.

The memorial gift was blessed this past Sunday which happened to be World Communion Sunday. All of our members think it is just beautiful.

Thank you for using your gift of art to bring so much joy to this congregation.


Dear Joy,

Everyone has been moved by the beauty of this baptismal bowl in our altar area. When water is in the bowl, it truly looks alive—"living water"! Then, when our pastor cups his hand in the water, raises it, and lets the water pour gently back into the bowl, the sound is beautiful. What an enhancement to the worship experience on so many levels!


Woodworking by Matt Morian

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