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In the true spirit of parody, a customized kit to turn your refrigerator into a POLICE BOX.

Whatever Possessed You..!?

Joy Alyssa Day A few years ago, I was walking into my kitchen and looked at my Maytag fridge that I've had for about 6 years and thought "I should make that into a Police Box". I'm not sure why I thought that, as it was first thing in the morning and I wasn't thinking, but I seem to get my best and weirdest ideas just out of the blue; and this one sure fits that... especially the "blue" part.

You'll be interested to read my Blog Post about making it and BJ's Blog about "Johnsonizing" various features to make it all work and be extra special.

Will It Fit My Refrigerator?

This isn't a cookie-cutter, mass produced thing. We create each one individually.

Refrigerators come in widely diverse styles. No matter how many doors/drawers they may have, we accommodate them all. Although the surrounding cabinetry does sometimes pose a bit of a challenge, there hasn't been a model yet that we could not fit and fit well.

As long as accurate measurements are supplied, and perhaps a straight-on photograph (taken at mid-height so there's little distortion) to check against, we can make the necessary adjustments for the model you have.

The skin integrates best with a large French Door fridge, because of the way the fridge's doors better match a Police Box.

Side-by-side asymmetricals will have the split off center, due to the fridge doors not being the same width, but the overall impression will be symmetrical.

Single and two door over/under fridges also look cool; they just don't open in quite the manner of a Police Box.

Be sure to check out the Customer Photos section exhibiting a wide range of installations.

Will I Be Able To Do This?

Yes! The skin is easy to apply. It is re-positionable, washable and removable.

The top section is a separate hard structure that includes the

sign, a simulated peak roof and a rechargeable working beacon.

We provide detailed, clear, easy to follow instructions to guide you through the process. As is said: "some assembly required", but it's mostly limited to trimming, as we try to provide extra to ensure that the edge wrap covers the surface. Better to have more than not enough.

Please write me if you have questions. When you order, I'll write you for your fridge's make and model number, or you can supply them in the Comments/Special Instructions box in the cart, so I can make sure the kit will fit and look as awesome as ours.

Enhancements & Options

There is the option of including a stiffened "little phone door" that can be adjusted to make it fit over the front of your ice maker, so the little door swings open to access it. You can also choose to have the Telephone Door say:

as a no-cost option if you like.

Likewise, we can provide festive Christmas lights in the windows at no cost, if you want them for a bit of extra cheer.

There is also a Sound Box available; an audio module that fits on top of or inside the fridge that can be programmed to play your favorite Police Box sounds when the doors open.

Shipping Considerations
Magic Doesn't Come
From an Assembly Line

These are a hands-on creation, made individually just for You here in our island studio on the Washington coast. Obtaining the dimensions of your fridge, adjusting everything to fit and then producing it will take some time. Therefore, Express shipping is usually not applicable whereas Domestic Ground is advised as your choice in the cart.

Do You Ship To My Country?

We're asked this quite often. Check our Interactive Client Globe to see if we've already shipped to where you live. The answer is probably: "Yes!"

Customer Photos

Here are some photos that fans have sent showing Police Boxes that materialized in their kitchens where refrigerators of various types had previously been standing.

That last one is the way to move. Toss everything in the refrigerator!
You Know You Want One!
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Opening Ice Maker Telephone Door
With Choice of Wording

Custom Made To Fit Your Fridge
Telephone Door Wording:
 Decorated for Christmas
  Opening Ice Maker
      Telephone Door - $26
 Sound Box - $18
 Side Skin w/Sign - $185 ea.
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