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Glass Artists B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

Our specialty is designing and producing custom, unique & creative awards for the aerospace, science, art and literary communities. Both of our backgrounds are in science, engineering and art, so we approach the artistic design process from a very unique and knowledgeable vantage point.

Being charged with a new commission is always an excitingBJ Gathering Color at the Marver time for us, as we get to express a new field in our work; the field in which our award clients, and their recipients, have made their mark.

Each original award design is fully modeled in 3D, both as a design tool and so that we and the client may see it prior to our bringing it into reality for them. Once they are produced in real 3D, no two are exactly alike—even in a series—as they are hand crafted; not made by machines. They follow the overall design but have their own unique personality; just as do their owners.

We bring all of our many combined talents and years of experience to bear on creating these special awards. Many varied glass techniques are employed in order to produce a design, as envisioned. Blowing, Casting, Fusing, Molding, Cutting, Etching, Blasting, Grinding and Polishing are all used in concert to create an award that is a significant cut above any available in mere catalogs.

Sizes range from 4 inches to 7.5 feet (10cm - 2.28m) and weights from 6 oz. to 345 lbs. (0.17kg - 157kg), so your choices really are limited only by your dreams and our collective imaginations.

Your recipient has done great things. The award that you bestow upon them in recognition should reflect that greatness.

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