Festive Creations by Artist-Engineers • B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

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Made on San Juan Island

Handcrafted in our island Hot Glass Studio off the coast of Washington State, these celestial glasses are just the thing for the scientific person in you.

Two of our early commissions were creating huge Solar System Mobiles. After many hours of trial and mostly error in developing planets for the mobiles, we decided to scale them down for many to enjoy; which became our wildly popular Solar System Ornament Collection.

BJ at the Gaffer's BenchRecently, we decided to explore creating a series of glassware in the same vein; and the Solar System Glassware Collection was born. Using the same recipes developed for the ornaments, we hand pick colors unique to the planet in question and shape them into your unique glassware.

Primordial Soup
A Saturn Bowl