Glass Sculpture
The Crystal Light Towers
Cast Glass Transparent Rock
Evoking the essence of the rugged American West, as if quarried on-site in long abandoned mines, towers of rock that has become transparent; with inclusions, variations in color and texture — some with iridescence reminiscent of precious metal and mica deposits — individually captured in two inch thick cast glass; then selectively interlocked and assembled to form obelisk pillars of light. Sizes range from three to thirty-eight feet tall.

3D Model and Simulation
Glass Materials and Attributes Research
Scale Model and Full Size Prototype
  • Phase Two - Proof of Concept Scale Model and Small Size 5.5 Foot Tall, 300 lb. Prototype Delivered and Erected on a Utah Mountaintop
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Active adaptive lighting begins full bright near sunset, using three separate beam spread sources to evenly illuminate the structure, and then diminishes, dimming then extinguishing one by one, as the surrounding environment becomes naturally darker until only the lowest level remains to bathe the area in soft light.

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