The Crystal Light Towers
Engineering Model and Lighting Simulation • Design Two
Crystal Light Tower Cutaway

Tower Hollow Construction Cutaways.
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We have explored a hollow construction for the stone covered portion of the pylons; as opposed to the concrete core, while the glass portion and light placements are constructed in the same manner as Design One.

Crystal Light Tower Cutaway
Crystal Light Tower Cutaway

Four angle cross-section spars form the frame; with thin polished flat bars welded to their upper extremities and extending above the steel/glass interface into the glass portion for stability.

A steel interface shelf forms the upper surface of the frame and supports the glass.

A silicone pad upon the interface shelf cushions the glass structure and allows for different coefficients of expansion.

The frame is sheathed in perforated steel; allowing a secure, flat surface upon which to afix the stone veneer.

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