There's Nothing 
Quite Like Glass

Everybody loves cupcakes! Problem is, they're gone too soon. Not these! They'll last a lifetime. Low calorie, too. Get some in your favorite flavors 'cuz everyone feels better after they've had a cupcake.

BJ at the Gaffer's BenchFine Art Glass has no comparison. Its rich colors, transparency and translucency in the hands of an accomplished artist who coaxes it into sensual surfaces and shapes makes for a treat for your eyes to complement the well-deserved treat for your good taste. A match made in heaven if there ever was one.

Treat Yourself.
You've Earned it.

Red Velvet Jumbo

Cherry Blueberry Jumbo

Pumpkin Jumbo
Everybody Loves Cupcakes

White Jumbo

Raspberry Grape Jumbo

Maple Red Sprinkles Jumbo

Maple Jumbo

Mini Flavors