Art Glass Sculpture & Blown Glass

Nothing Short
 of Magical™

We've often wished for the ability to have flowers in more places around our home and workplace. Now we can—because they float.

Handcrafted in our Hot Glass Studio, these unique floating bud vases let you place flowers wherever you wish. In a window; where the glass will sparkle and change throughout the day; sending rainbows into the room. Over your kitchen counter to brighten the most visited and comfort-filled area of your home. In your bedroom or bath, where floating flowers will greet you when you awake and soothe you as you bathe. Out on the porch; watch them twirl in the breeze.

BJ at the Gaffer's BenchWe use only the finest crystal, hand pick colors that sparkle in the light, shape and infuse them into your unique sculpture. There'll never be another like it anywhere.