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Experience GlassSculpture:
Blow Your Own Glass In Our Hotshop

An opportunity to create something unique to treasure your special time on San Juan Island

Four Experience Levels to Choose From:

  • Experience GlassSculpture • 40 Minutes
  • Experience GlassSculpture Plus 1 • 1.3 Hours
  • Experience GlassSculpture Plus 2 • 1.7 Hours
  • GlassSculpture 101 • 3 Hours

In each, with our instruction and assistance, you will create an object of your choosing commensurate with your knowledge of blowing glass.

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Treasure Your Time on San Juan Island

Experience GlassSculpture
Personalized Guided Glassblowing Sessions

Four Levels to Choose From:

Classes Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID-19

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