Festive Creations by Artist-Engineers • B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

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Solar System Collection | $630 
All 8 planets + Pluto + Sun
Pluto updated with New Horizons data!
Note: On the subject of scale, please consult:
The Solar System Collection FAQs
These glasses are an off-shoot of our Solar System Ornament Collection.
Two of our early commissions were creating huge Solar System Mobiles. After many hours of trial and mostly error in developing planets for the mobiles, we decided to scale them down for many to enjoy.
Using those techniques, we now create celestial ornaments and glassware that capture the essence of our Solar System in hand-blown glass; exhibiting the wonderful diversity of the individual spheres that circle our closest star along with us.
We like to think of them as the Universe come to imitate itself.
We're scientist-artist-engineers...
would you expect anything less!?
Extrasolar Planets Available On Request
· • We Love Doing Them • ·
They Make Each Expanded Collection
Even More Unique

Mercury · 1 oz. | $45 

Venus · 6 oz. | $65 

Earth · 6 oz. | $75 

Mars · 6 oz. | $70 

Jupiter · 10 oz. | $90 

Saturn · 1 oz. | $125 

Uranus · 8 oz. | $60 

Neptune · 8 oz. | $60 

Pluto · 1 oz. | $60 

Primordial Soup
A Saturn Bowl
There's Nothing   
Quite Like Glass