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Festive Creations by Artist-Engineers • B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

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Solar System Collection | $345 
All 8 planets + Pluto + Sun
Note: The individual photographs of each ornament are not all shot at the same focal length.
For more on the subject of scale, see:
The Solar System Collection FAQs
I had long searched galleries for ornaments that happened to resemble celestial bodies; mostly atmosphereless cratered planets, but could never find any that looked like our Earth or its planetary neighbors.
That was before I and Joy Alyssa Day took up glass blowing. Now, we create celestial ornaments that capture the essence of our Solar System in hand-blown glass; exhibiting the wonderful diversity of the individual spheres that circle our closest star along with us.
We like to think of them as the Universe come to imitate itself.
We're scientists...
what else could we do?
Extrasolar Planets Available
on Request.

Mercury | $25 

Venus | $25 

Earth | $45 

Mars | $45 

Jupiter | $55 

Saturn | $75 

Uranus | $35 

Neptune | $35 

Pluto | $25
There's Nothing   
Quite Like Glass