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The 2014 Hugo Award Assembly and Care

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The sculpture base is a solid cast glass oval; approximately 2" x 6" x 4" (5cm x 10.16cm x 15.24cm) weighing approximately 2.75 lbs. (1.25kg). The surface "dust" and craters are sculpted white and light grey glasses over the clear solid crystal base.

The Gherkin building section is .25" (6.35mm) thick multi-colored fused and molded glass, approximately 1.625" x 4.25" x 7" (4.13cm x 10.8cm x 17.78cm) weighing .625 lbs. (283.5 g), etched with the characteristic diamond pattern of the building's structure.

The rocket is attached with a standard 5/16-18 x 2" socket head cap screw through a custom plastic bushing that runs the height of the base. Both the rocket and the bolt are completely separated from the glass. Very snug and stable while assembled, the rocket is easily removable for safe transport.

While not fragile, proper care should always be taken with anything of value. The entire glass assembly weighs 3.375 lbs. (1.53 kg), so due care should be used when lifting the award. Do not lift the award by the rocket alone. Always hold the award by its base and steady the rocket with your other hand.


  • Use 1/4" Allen Hex Key
  • Lay rocket on a soft cloth, with the bottom of the fins just off the edge.
  • Hold base with your palm, with Gherkin building above rocket. Rocket fins should line up with recesses in moon surface.
  • Turn ONLY the bolt, not the rocket. Tighten bolt into rocket only until the rocket is secure. Do NOT overtighten. One finger to rotate the hex key is all it takes. The bolt is NOT to clamp the rocket to the glass. It holds the rocket in a vertical position by leverage provided by its length passing through the bushing and ample engagement in the rocket. Less is more.
2014 Hugo Award - Rocket on Table 2014 Hugo Award Assembly 2014 Hugo Award - Base Close-up 2014 Hugo Award Bolt Tighten Lifting The 2014 Hugo Award Holding The 2014 Hugo Award


  • Wipe with soft cloth only. Do not wash or let soak in water.
  • Hold the weight of the award by the moon, not by the rocket or the Gherkin building. You can use the rocket or building to steady the award while carrying it, but the weight of the base should be borne by your hand.

As is the case with all of our prestigious award creations, each sculpture is an individual; hand-crafted with care by experienced craftsmen. While adhering to the overall concept, the craters, dust patterns and building features will exhibit slight variations; allowing the personality that can only be born in a handmade work of art to emerge and shine through.

Joy and I are honored to have created award sculptures and large commissions for many great individuals and organizations over the years. We hope that you enjoy that which we have made for you.

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