These glass items are one-of-a-kind works of art. Your piece will be unique in the universe. As works of art, each is signed by the artists.
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Art Glass Sculptors B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

Small Gifts

Give a touch of style to their desk with this elegant fused glass business card holder. Wispy whites breeze throughout, covering a brilliant iridescent sparkle.
Business Card Holder

Business Card Holders:

This beautiful piece is 5.5" wide, 3" tall at the back, and 1.25" deep.
Holds both horizontal and vertical cards.
Business Card Holder $19
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Other planets
or landscapes
made to order.

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Glass Earth Dish Glass Earth Dish Glass Earth Dish

Earth Dishes:

Available in 6 in or 10 in.
These are hand cut fused glass, approx. 1/4" thick, showing continents, oceans, mountains, desert, lakes and greens, with low and high level clouds. Formed into a shallow bowl.
  6" Round $250

10" Round $350
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Glass Etching
We can etch your logo or artwork onto other products: glasses, mugs, tiles, glass art.
Small Runs to Large for Gifts & Awards.
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Chandra Wine Glass Radiant Panorama Wine Glass

8 oz. Wine Glasses:

Etched with our artwork, some fully wrap around.
Wine Glass $25
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Images for the Wine Glasses, Coffee Mugs & Framed Miniatures
Please look through Joy's and BJ's gallery pages and note the title of the image that you like the best and then type that into the box when you order.
Dune Mug Space Mug

12 oz. Coffee Mugs:

Etched with our artwork, some fully wrap around.
Coffee Mug $25
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Framed Mini-Prints

Framed Miniatures:

Glass Nebula
Imperial Earth
4" x 6" prints of anything you see on any of our gallery pages
(except Tomorrow is Yesterday).
Frame choice by Artist to best showcase chosen painting.
Framed Mini $19
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