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BJ & Joy at the Gaffer's BenchHandcrafted in our Hot Glass Studio, our inspired creations strive for a distinctive approach. One that is out of the ordinary; one of imagination and wonder. Unique worlds to get lost in; touching you as never before.

The crystal's rich colors, clarity, transparency, translucency and refractive qualities in the hands of an accomplished artist who coaxes it into sensual shapes and surfaces makes for a treat for your senses. We believe that the visual and tactile senses should add to your experience.

Make it special—unique to you.

You appreciate the finer things. Elegance, masterful design, rich textures and colors, fine art, comfortable furniture, skilled craftsmanship and fine food—all define your environment—making it uniquely yours. Taking time to drink in your surroundings and enjoy these details is as much a delight to the senses as it is relaxation and rejuvenation.

As always, it's the details that make all  the difference.

Open the Glass Menu at the top right; explore our many curated collections and see if there's something that would Brighten Your Day! Then travel through our Global Menu (across the top of each page) to our dedicated sites associated by purpose or discipline.

Come along on our journey.

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