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The 2017 Chesley Award
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2017 Chesley Award
2017 Chesley Award

The Chesley Award is presented by the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists each year to leaders in the genré. In recognition of this year's total solar eclipse that tracks across the North American continent, this design is fittingly titled: Eclipse.

The Eclipse sculpture is a series of molded crystal hemispheres, approximately 5" (12.7cm) in diameter, exhibiting an advancing eclipse of the Sun. The Sun is made from five colors of crystal, the Moon is iridescent black crystal. The pair are supported vertically by a clear molded crystal base fused to the Sun's back.

Chesley Bonestell

The award is named after Chesley Bonestell, the Father of Modern Space Art.

We are honored to be part of his ongoing legacy.

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