Art Glass by Artist-Engineers • B.E.Johnson & Joy Alyssa Day

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Made on San Juan Island

$185 | 4-3-S 
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Hand Blown Glass Paperweights
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Our approach to paperweights falls into the unstructured category. We prefer to create internal environments in the spheres that allow the imagination to wander as one gazes into the forms within. In developing these, we recognized that the internal shapes might be able to stand on their own, instead of being encased in an overgather of clear crystal. This was the birth of our unique Wine Stopper Collection. We start out with a general goal in mind and let the glass tell us what it wants. In our island Hot Glass Studio off the coast of Washington State, we're eager to follow and embrace that muse to create things delightfully unexpected.
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$150 | 3-1 

$165 | 3-3 

$165 | 3-5 

$150 | 4-7 

$75 | 2-13 

$75 | 4-11