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Personalizing your own bowl can be great fun. Just about any color is available to be used in the glass. You can take a look through the  samples below of the different techniques and see what floats your boat. Yes, these bowls are for you kitty, but there's no reason not to have a great looking piece of art as well.

If you'd like to order a customized bowl, just give me a call and we'll talk about what your favorite colors are, what kind of styles from below you like, what kind of kitty you have and what size/color they might like best. We have more than 10 kitties here, trying out different sizes, shapes and colors, and it's interesting to see which breeds like what and which bowls just aren't popular at all!

So, start by looking through the textures below, see what you like the best, and then give me a call and we'll get started!

Average time to complete a custom bowl is 3 weeks (or less) and the cost starts at $1,300.

Yes, these are great art for your table. A spotlight on one will really make the colors glow.
Hot Sun Style:

I've developed a great technique that lets the colors intermix and play while they're hot. This gives the glass tons of internal structure and textures not usually seen in blown or molded glass.
The colors mix with each other and then bubble and boil up to the surface, where they might break out and flow across the top, or maybe just spike up and go back down.
Red Sun Style:
What it gives is a dynamic, fluid, alive quality to the glass. It will look different from different angles and keep you looking into it to see the areas of detail.
This style of effect can be specified for any group
of colors. Each piece will be completely unique.
For this technique, I am somewhat at the mercy
of what the glass wants to do when it's hot, so
specific requests for fluid dynamic structures
may not be possible, but rest assured, your piece
will be stunning and unlike anything you've seen
Mottled Style:

Similar to the active sun technique, this style is not quite as bubbly fluid. The colors can be more defined and will not mix as much during firing.
This style is suited for if you like the activity of the bubbled style, but want more subtle effects in your piece.  I can make more of an actual painting with this technique, and use a wider variety of colors without them blending together so much.
You can still see that there is activity and life in the glass, and when the light catches it, the colors and textures running throughout will give you a brilliant piece to look at.
Blue White Style:

This style starts with all the colors closer to the center.
They intermix, blend and bubble. When they are set,
they are then allowed to flow out towards the outer
edge. This makes for more of a flowerpetal look. The
outer rim is more sculptural, free-flowing. 

Very organic and beautiful. 
Splashy Earth Style:

This incorporates the style of mottled style, but with a
base of something recognizable. This can be a sculpted 
piece, like the earth, or a more detailed glass painting.
The bubbling up is not as extreme as in some of the other styles.
Clean Earth Style:

Starting with either a fused sculptural piece, or a glass painting,
this style adds a deep layer of clear over the piece and then
forms it into a bowl. There is none of the bubbling going on
at all, so all of the details of the piece remain intact.
Just a Little Texture Style:

Just a little extra color and a little bit of bubbling in these bowls.
The main bowl is a subtle mix of colors, but most of the top
layers are clear and clean.
Sun Bowl Texture Style:

This type of bowl has a whole lot of colors and textures going on.
Little pieces of color mix with bigger, but keep a lot of their
individuality. Some of the sections will bubble up and spread
over the top, with the tiny details visible underneath.

This is a really cool technique.
Sun Bowl Texture Style:

Same as the above, but with some different base colors and
other colors added in. You can clearly see the detail of the
smaller colors remains sharp amongst the bubbling.
Galaxy Texture:

The deep, rich coloring bubbles, but mostly on a clear base
so that you can see the depth and texture from either side.

Great for playing with your kitty by wiggling a toy under the
edge so that they can see it through the bowl.
Galaxy Texture:

Same as above, but with different colors. You can see how the
colors blend together, but then narrow into a swirl leading up
to go to the surface.
Galaxy Texture Closeup
Just a Little Texture:

Like the pink bowl above, this one has a base color, but
then very little color added on top and allowed to mix and
mingle. A very subtle texture and a beautiful crystal bowl.
Blue Bubble Style:

The colors are allowed to bubble up and play in this texture,
but then the piece is let to shrink in a little bit. The colors pull
up to the surface but then pull more toward the center.

This type of bowl tends to have minor bumpies on the inside,
which some cats don't like as much.