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  A Beautiful Bed for the Elegant Cat
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EarthGlow Bowl

Gorgeous blue water with continents, mountains, lakes, snow and clouds.

There is a rich depth to the water and continents, and spacing between the land and sky.Underside has iridescent glow.

17" across, 5" deep
Sun Bowl

Wonderful reds, oranges, yellows and whites mix fluidly with dark sunspots rippling up into the surface.

New technique gives this bowl complex internal textures that are just amazing - oranges boil up from the bottom, bursting the surface and swirling into the yellows and whites.

17" across, 5" deep
Blue/White Bowl

A starting base of white makes a great platform for the blue flakes to swirl.

The white splashes up, bringing the blue with it to create beautiful clouds and flowers throughout. The white then expands to the outer edge in a delicate spray.

14" across, 4" deep
Pink Bowl

A subtle pink base is the start for this dainty colored bowl.

Various blues and red get caught in the  motion and splash up to the surface.

18" across, 6" deep
Earth Bowl

A realistic recreation of our blue planet. Continents with forests, mountains, lakes and snow are surrounded by white rippled oceans.

Clouds lay above a clear sky to add depth to the great bowl.

17" across, 5" deep
Sun Bowl 2

This bowl shows the best internal textures, with oranges and yellows swirling around the red deep coat. Whites and darks add sunspots and spicules in random places.

17" across, 5" deep
  Yellow Bowl

Yellows, creams, whites and blacks boil up through the 3/8" glass, giving this bowl a look of flowers in a field.

The colors pull toward the outer edge and wrap the undulating lip surface, like the edges of petals.

17" across, 5" deep
Globular Cluster  Bowl

Yellows, Oranges and a few reds and whites sprinkle through the clear and black, looking like distant star clusters in the deep night sky.

17" across, 5" deep
    Galaxy Bowl

Yellow and white stars intermingle with clear and darker sections, just like different stars group together in the Milky Way.

18.5" across, 6" deep
  Earth Splash Bowl

Starting with more realistic shapes for the continents and oceans, this bowl then gets the splashy technique that lets the colors play with each other and bubble upwards through the 1/2" thick clear glass. Real mountains and valleys are formed with this stunning technique. 

20" across, 6" deep
  Moe's Little Pink Bowl

This cute little bowl starts with the pink base and add a little white in sections to burst through the surface of the glass. A perfect size for the more delicate puss.

10.5" across, 3.5" deep
  Blue Cross Bowl

Given a more structured start of blues on a white base, the blues mix and mingle, bubbling up through the clear and then rippling down the surface.

This is also a smaller bowl.

15" across, 3.5" deep
Green Bowl

A green base color, with swirls of white, this bowl doesn't have the textural technique, so is more subtle in it's coloring, with a crystal clear layer of glass to let the pale colors glow.

18" across, 5.5" deep