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  A Beautiful Bed for the Elegant Cat
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**But what about a cushion? Glass bowls are so hard for my tender kitty!**
A. We tried them with cushions, pillows, pad and towels. Some kids didn't like them in the bowls. They would actually sit there looking at it for a few moments, reach in and pull the cushion out (!) and then climb into the bowl. The cool glass feels great to them, and they love to roll around and flip back and forth in the round bowl. The bowl is shaped perfectly for them to roll on their backs and then settle in. The bottom of the bowl is also a little rounded so that if the kitties shift to one side, the bowl rocks a little to balance them.  If your kitty likes more of a cushion, we have pillows designed specifically to compliment our bowls on the Accessorize page. But we recommend you try it both ways, or add the cushion in colder months. Your kitty will decide which way he/she likes it best.
**Are they safe? Will they break?**
A. These bowls are 3/8" to 1/2" thick glass. Very thick. Yes, if you drop a heavy hard something on them, they might crack or break, but they're pretty sturdy. Our cats have not even come close to hurting these bowls, and they're very rough-housey. We just put it down on the floor and let them go. The underside is somewhat rounded, so the bowl will roll a little if someone gets too rough.  With so much testing, no breaking at all.
**A bowl on the floor? Won't it get dirty?**
A. It's glass, so if it gets a little dirty or has finger/paw prints on it, a quick cleaning with windex is all it needs.
**How is it shipped?**
A. We have been packaging large glass sculptures for years and have rarely had anything break. We double package each piece and ship via Fedex or UPS, insured. Each piece is a true work of art, and that's how we treat, pack and ship everything we create.